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ABOUT US – Healthcann

We’ve worked together in biotech for 7+ years, and have been friends for more than 20.

Healthcann is a biopharmaceutical company focused on revolutionizing the treatment of various diseases by harnessing the potential of cannabinoids. Striving to overcome the barriers and limitations of current delivery technologies, we are developing cutting-edge systems to offer precise, standardized, and effective cannabinoid therapies.

Alongside our core research and development endeavors, Healthcann also offers strategic collaborations to partners worldwide. Through our technology creation and licensing business model, we not only innovate but also provide our partners with unique differentiation opportunities within the medical cannabis sector.


Dr. Grzegorz Kiełbowicz is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Healthcann. Holding a PhD in Biotechnology from Wrocław University of Life Sciences, he is an expert in nanomedicine and advanced drug delivery systems, with demonstrated leadership built upon more than a decade of diverse industry experience.

Before founding Healthcann, Grzegorz made significant contributions to the R&D, quality, and regulatory operations in the pharmaceutical sector. His tenure at SteriPack was marked by successful collaborations with industry giants such as Merck, Jansen, Stryker, Ferrosan, and Biotronik.

Grzegorz is also a Co-Founder of Sovigo, a company committed to innovating precise drug delivery systems for improved patient care, particularly for those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.

As CEO, Grzegorz leverages his scientific acumen and strategic vision to guide the company. He oversees the implementation of current plans and shapes future strategies, ensuring that Healthcann continues to drive innovation in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder

Grzegorz Kiełbowicz, PhD

Dr. Paweł Mituła is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Healthcann. Trained as a biotechnologist and chemist, he earned his PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław.

Before his tenure at Healthcann, Paweł served in significant roles at Synthos and PCC Rokita, notable entities in the chemical industry. During his time at Synthos, he was responsible for the development of liposomal technology, a critical component in the drug delivery sector. His roles varied from Research & Development Specialist to Project Coordinator, thereby acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the sector. He played a key role in the creation of new product portfolios and ensured a successful transition from laboratory-scale to high-volume commercial production.

Paweł also coordinated advanced biotechnological projects at companies such as Skotan and PureBiologics. Here, he led the development of innovative bacteriophage encapsulation systems, designed to combat the ever-growing issue of multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Besides Healthcann, Mituła and our CEO Grzegorz co-founded Sovigo, a firm focused on creating precise drug delivery systems to improve care for patients, particularly those with gastrointestinal diseases.

As the CTO at Healthcann, Paweł spearheads the company's technological vision and oversees project portfolio management. His expertise in chemical synthesis, process scaling, and process engineering is pivotal in transforming Healthcann's innovative ideas into market-ready solutions.

Chief Technology Officer Co-Founder

Paweł Mituła, PhD

Agnieszka Teodoru is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Healthcann. A seasoned entrepreneur with 18 years of business experience, she brings a broad business perspective and invaluable knowledge to the operations of the company.

Agnieszka’s journey in the cannabis industry began in Israel in 2018, a country widely recognized for its progressive approach towards medical cannabis. During her time there, she gained direct access to international business contacts and comprehensive knowledge of the cannabis industry.

Backed by her unique experience and deep understanding of the cannabis industry, she founded the CannMedica Foundation. The organization is committed to promoting reliable and comprehensive cannabis knowledge among doctors, pharmacists, and medical personnel, thereby bridging the information gap in the healthcare community.

Before joining Healthcann, Agnieszka successfully led various high-profile initiatives in the event industry. Her company collaborated with world-renowned brands such as Coca Cola, Douglas, LVMH Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, the Polish Football Association, Ryan AIR, and Mercedes Benz.

At Healthcann, Agnieszka directs the coordination of the company's internal departments and plays a vital role in strategic areas of the company's development. Her extensive experience in team management, product development, and branding positions Healthcann for rapid growth and market leadership.

Chief Operating Officer Co-Founder

Agnieszka Teodoru


Mariusz Jaworski

Kinga Świtała, PhD

Przemysław Pytlak, PhD


If you are interested in licensing the rights to commercialize one or more of our groundbreaking cannabinoid delivery systems, please contact us using the form below. We would also be happy to discuss our platform in more detail and explore potential business development opportunities