The cannabis industry needs better drug delivery and new therapeutic approaches for medicinal use of cannabinoids.

Healthcann is here to deliver.

We believe we have the technology to make cannabinoids more effective and accessible than ever before

Cannabinoids have the potential to transform the treatment of human disease across a wide range of therapeutic applications by targeting the endocannabinoid system. Yet, the broad application of cannabinoids is currently limited by imprecise dosing, a lack of standardization, inconsistency, and the limitations of today’s available delivery technologies.

Healthcann was founded with a vision to unlock the potential of cannabinoids across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Utilizing our rigorous approach and deep understanding of the endocannabinoid system, we aim to drive innovation and progress in the field.

Our goal is to develop drug delivery systems that allow people suffering from various health conditions to use cannabinoids accurately, offering fast, long-lasting relief with minimal side-effects.

In doing so, we aim to increase physicians’ confidence in prescribing cannabis-based treatments just as they would other medications. We firmly believe that therapeutic solutions targeting the endocannabinoid system are only as effective as their design and delivery mechanisms. Any future drug candidates that fail to account for the complexities of the endocannabinoid system will simply fall short of generating significant outcomes.

Enabling Tomorrow's Cannabinoid Medicines

With AdvanDrop®, we’re unlocking the full potential of cannabinoids, ensuring a more efficient, faster, and consistent result.

The oral route is the preferred mode of drug administration due to its safety, comfort, low cost, and improved patient compliance. However, cannabinoids traditionally face challenges with oral delivery due to their poor water solubility, extensive intra-enterocyte metabolism, efflux activity, and hepatic first-pass metabolism. These factors result in low and inconsistent bioavailability and a slow onset of action.

With a deep understanding of the limitations of orally administered cannabinoids, and an in-depth knowledge of the digestive tract mechanisms affecting drug effectiveness, we developed AdvanDrop® technology.

Technology creation and licensing

Our three-step business model is really focused on collaborations with our strategic partners worldwide

We are starting by creating a pipeline of diverse cannabinoid delivery systems, each uniquely designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of the medical cannabis sector and our partners.

In the second step, we aim to ensure that these systems outperform existing medications, and deliver maximum patient benefits.

In the final stage, we license our innovative solutions to strategic partners, providing them with valuable product differentiation.

At Healthcann, we are more than just innovators; we're observers. We keep a close eye on the evolving medical cannabis market, regulatory changes, and product categories.

Our vigilance and adaptability allow us to offer our partners unique opportunities to distinguish themselves across all medical cannabis market segments. Whether it’s standardized and magistral cannabis preparations or finished pharmaceuticals and clinical development, our partners can differentiate and succeed.

The right team to lead innovation in cannabis medicine

Healthcann is led by a unique team, which brings together a shared history and diverse expertise in the cannabis and biotech sectors, coupled with a deep understanding of the science behind our products.


If you are interested in licensing the rights to commercialize one or more of our groundbreaking cannabinoid delivery systems. We would also be happy to discuss our platform in more detail and explore potential business development opportunities